• Corporate Business Solutions, Inc is a full service consulting firm that specializes in providing business planning, strategy development, and performance enhancement services to companies ranging in size from the conceptual stage of start-up to mature companies with an established presence in their respective industries.
  • Corporate Consulting

    With the rapid changes in the corporate environment during the past few years companies have been faced with a variety of difficult challenges. Corporate executives have been hard pressed to develop fundamentally sound, yet flexible strategies in order to meet the demands put upon them through increased global competition and shrinking profit margins.
  • In order to remain competitive, you must take a proactive approach to your market and your competitors. Many firms have fallen victim to poor planning and substandard strategy development, and worse yet, lack of effective implementation. Those firms have been forced to take a reactive approach to their market and have experienced customer and shareholder attrition, declining market capitalization, and loss of market share, among others.
  • Our areas of expertise include:

    Industries –
    Personal Services
    Health Care

  • Functions:

    Business Plan Development
    Market Plan Development
    Brand/Indentity Development
    Organization Design and Development
    Competitive Analysis
    Market Research
    Cash Flow Management
    Corporate Restructuring
    Strategy Evaluation/Development
    Business Development
    Operations Management
    Turnaround Strategy Development

  • Address

    225 Union Blvd
    Suite 150A
    Colorado 80228

  • Phone: 303-218-9555 Fax: 303-223-9287
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